Frequently asked questions.

¿Why do you work in brass?
The brass dates from 3500 BC. C. It is historically significant in the development of civilization. I was attracted to brass because many contemporary sculptors use it, not only to make art but also to make artisan jewelry. While it is not considered a precious metal, it has a unique luster that is similar to gold when polished. He is both rich and humble.
¿Your jewelry contains nickel and what is a nickel allergy?
Our jewelry is nickel free. Many people erupt in a rash in response to nickel.
¿What materials do you use?
We use brass, semi-precious stones, mother of pearl, pearl and turquoise.
¿Are your pieces plated?
¿They offer repairs?
Yes. We are happy to repair or renovate any design. We want you to enjoy wearing our pieces. Email us at and we will send you instructions on how to proceed to return your jewelry to our studio. There is no charge for repairs.
Special requests:
¿Designs can be customized?
¡Please ask! We are happy to discuss whether we can accommodate your request.
  ¿What if I want to change the length of a string or other characteristic?
¡Please ask! Depending on the design, we will let you know if we can accommodate your request.
  ¿You work other metals or finishes?
Our designs are also available in gold plating. Please ask and we can give you a quote.
 ¿How my purchase will be packaged?
Each piece of jewelry goes inside a raw canvas bag with the logo and a card about our company.
Other services:
¿Need help choosing a gift?
¡We would love to help you! Email us at and we can set a time to chat.