I would like to share with you the fundamental principles that give meaning to my work. A scale of values ​​that I have written looking inward, to my heart.
Today, more than ever, I have a firm commitment to my main mission: To create, inspire and share. Seeking imperfect beauty, transmitting my great passion for the work we do, valuing the work of the artisans with whom I work, being sensitive to tradition and transmitting their legacy.

I would like to present a compilation from our origins of the pieces that define us the most, either by their design, texture or the history behind them, they are our Essence. Pieces that do not expire and are embellished with the passage of time and the touch of their owners.
A Collection called Timeless and that we have photographed with the two women I love the most, my mother and my sister. Although the three of us are very different in style and character, we share a Vital Philosophy: giving priority to personality over fashion, balance over impact, durability over the ephemeral.

Because today and always, my family, work and all of you are the heart of my life.

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