Diane Keaton: Musa, Vitalidad, Humor y Estilo
"The feeling of freedom is something that happily comes with age and experience"

Actress, film director and producer, mother, activist, writer and elegant as hell… She is different from all other, independent, authentic and with a spontaneous and very funny personality. Ever since she starred in Annie Hall, where she won an Oscar in 1977, she has not stopped exuding style. Diane mixes the feminine with the masculine like no one else, her love for quirky outfits, hats and accessories hasn't changed in five decades. A style outside of any trend, unique and recognizable.

She has that carefree touch but at the same time very, very feminine, because there is nothing sexier than a confident woman, no matter what she wears. She left me open-mouthed with her nude in the movie she starred in with Jack Nicholson "Something's gotta give" was eye-opening and a lot of fun, a lesson that age doesn't matter but what does is how we feel.

This quarantine I have been very entertained with their “styling” videos, full of humor, and with accessories to die for, such as this of his collection of hats .. < / span> or this another where she shares her love for scrapbooking. Since she was little, she has been fascinated by fashion, and has a scrapbook of just her own looks from her Annie Hall character to today.

< span style = "font-weight: 400;"> “What is perfection, anyway? It's the death of creativity, that's what I believe, while change, on the other hand, is the cornerstone of new ideas. "

Change is the engine not only of new ideas, it is what keeps us alive and as it says Elsa Punset dream! Dream new horizons awake and let your dreams guide you.

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