Capricorn, welcome to your month!

Capricornis characterized for being one of the strongest, most dedicated and hard working personalities out of all zodiac signs. ambitious, conservative, dedicated, pragmatic and well resolved. The Capricorn natives are great liders, since you can meticulously concentrate on the tasks there are at hand. Like all zodiac signs, Capricorn has specific stones to improve your best qualities and guide you. These are: Garnet, Turmaline, and Tiger's Eye.

Garnet attractsthe energy of Saturn, the regent planet of Capricorn, Saturn will help you prosper and align your mental, spiritual and physical universes. Garnet will also help you carry a more relaxed and safe life and to protect you against negative thoughts.

Pendientes Filigrana con Granate

Pulsera Canaleta con Granate

Turmaline has a special connection with Capricorn due to its capacity to increase the trust on yourselves and your capacities . It also gets rid of untidy thoughts, which will allow you to concentrate on the important and let go of negative thoughts and energy.

Anillo Gota Turmalina

Anillo Dos Gotas Turmalina

Tiger's Eye will help you accomplish your objectives wIth no stress. It is a calming stone that is also a stimulant, and ot will help you face all obstacles. With Tiger's Eye you will enjoy more creativity, more trust and strength. It will also allow you to relax whenever needed.

Capricorn brings with it the beginning of a new year and it is the perfect energy to encourage you to accomplish all your new year resolutions. These stones will serve as a guide and amulet in the transition. ¡Get yours now aquí!

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