I love the idea of creatingunique jewelry hand-modeled, in which the handcrafted and the tactile are mixed with colorful gems. A characteristic that defines me is the finish of the pieces in different textures and I love combining them, which gives the jewelryidentity, relief and character.

The textureIt is defined as the sensation produced by rubbing against a certain material and in which the sense of touch is the protagonist, although sight also intervenes.

Our finishesblasted, hammered, wrinkled, woven, eaten by fire they produce us sensationssuch assoftness, hardness, roughness, .. let's say they have personalityTactile  and an emotional dose that turn our pieces intounique and unrepeatable. Here you can find out more about them.

This finish is one of my favorites and it stars in a lot of my jewelry. In the workshopwe don't use molds, nor wanting two equal pieces can come out since the process is100 by 100 manual. Hefire It is the main protagonist to achieve this texture, when the metal is heated it liquefies and falls onto the sheet drop by drop, giving that roughness to the piece that defines it.

Hehammer with him fire they are the protagonists when finishing the pieces in the workshop. The sheet, originally smooth, is worked with a hammer to give itluminosity and reliefThus, the piece is enriched with the mark of the craftsman who created it since depending on the hammer and the force of its blow, this is the finish.

If you add my favorite stones to this, the piece is immediately enhanced.

They drive me crazywoven laces in all its versions and that are also shortened. Each of them carriesthousands of hoops made by hand from wire, to later intertwine them one by one in that sequence that makes them so flexible and so soft.

They are pieces that requiremany hours work and a special skill and inherited techniquegeneration after generation.
They are super elegant and go perfectly with all pendants and charms.


¿Can you imagine the skill what you have to have to be able to bend a sheet with just a tweezers and turn it into a bracelet?

Necewe sitmany hours of experiments and failures to achieve it, and this bracelet has undoubtedly become one of our piecesTIMELESS dearest.

¡I hope you like them as much as I do!


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