NATURA is also simplicity, spontaneity … and it was born in a calmer time, which allows us to create without haste and just experiment. We have also mixed trendy pieces with other timeless ones, recovering jewels that were born with the vocation to endure to transform them into something fresh and new.

Labradorite , Aquamarine and Garnet , three stones with a lot of symbolism and whose properties are key to face this difficult time. em> is the stone of transformation, evokes strength and perseverance as well as balance. The Aquamarine is the stone of protection, is calming, purifying and inspires confidence and liberation. Garnet is the stone of courage, reinforces the survival instinct, providing strength and above all hope.
The photos of the Natura Campaign have a very special meaning for me and I want to tell why. We created them with my family and at home , it has been a precious experience that I will treasure forever, I want to thank my sister Blanca , and my brothers-in-law Marta and Nacho for saying yes without thinking twice, for giving me their time , love and unconditional support . Without them none of this would have been possible, they were stylist, model and photographer for a day and they have done it incredibly well. I hope you like them.
In these crazy times that we have to live in, the most beautiful thing that has happened to me is to feel the connection and the solidarity between all of us that will undoubtedly make us move forward. I want to thank you with all your heart love and unconditional support , I have discovered the giant hearts that are behind each one of you and that are my balm against any fear and challenge. Together we can .

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