Did you know that certain shapes make us feel a certain way?

At Olga Prieto we often talk about the properties of stones and what their colors convey to us. Just as stone colors and type convey unique meanings, stone shapes are also important, amplifying their properties. For example, stones with rounded surfaces are smoother and closer, while more angular ones denote strength and precision. At Olga Prieto we work with three types of shapes: oval, square, and drop-shaped.

Oval stones symbolize eternity and also the connection between the spiritual and the physical. The ovals give a general feeling of stability, harmony and unity, since their energy is very balancing. The oval resembles the circle of life and brings energy and fullness of life force.

The square stones symbolize structure, balance and order. They represent the laws of nature, predictability, and safety. The square is associated with the number 4 and relates to the four elements of the physical world: earth, air, water and fire.

The drop-shaped stones symbolize harmony. This shape, which represents water, connects us with nature, and promotes fluidity in our lives. It also brings unity to the feminine and masculine energies.

How do you connect the most?

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