Tauro, welcome to your month!

Taurus is a sign characteried for your dedication at work and your dedication with your social relationships. With the influence of Venus, characteristics such as harmonious and loved are attributed to you. You are also known for your generosity , and for the genuine way of fostering friendship and family relationships . On the other hand, you are often indecisive and inflexible. Like any zodiac sign, Taurus has specific stones that will promote your positive characteristics and help you face negative ones, these are: Turquoise , Sapphire > and Rose Quartz .

Turquoise will help you attract prosperity to your lives and heal your emotional wounds. This stone transmits the energy of Venus, charged with love, which will help you achieve harmony and express compassion and freedom. Promote loyalty and help you succeed.

Sapphire will promote self-confidence and bring honesty to everything you do. It will also help you stay true to your efforts and your relationships. It is a stone that brings illumination and happiness, energy from which you will benefit dramatically.

Rose Quartz emits a soft and harmonious energy that will increase your compassion and help you to open yourselves to receive and give love and kindness. It will also help you release fears and worries and it will provide emotional healing. It is a stone that strengthens the heart.

¡Choose the stone you like the most and use it as amulet!

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