Jewels for the fire signs

Dear Leo, your month starts today. Like all zodiac signs, Leo has specific stones that help enhance your natural gifts and improve your weaknesses. These stones emit unique frequencies that work in tune with your personal energy to support and balance your essence.

The sign of fireis represented by stones dark or colored, such as Amethyst, Tiger's Eye or Carnelian.Amethyst He transmits a calming energy to Leo that balances his power without taking away his passion.The eye of the tiger It is the traditional stone of Leo. It combines the energy of the earth and the sun to support, balance and help you better use your inner strength.The CarnelianIt has an energy very similar to the energy of Leo, it encourages passion, creativity and vitality.

These are some of the stones that you can use to connect with your inner energy and protect it. You can also give them to loved ones to protect them. In our newInitials Collection you can personalize your letter choosing between different stones or choose an amulet from ourCollection of Amulets.



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