The idea of wearing something you canfeel I find it beautiful and that feeling, my ins is bornpyration for Amulets Collection.

When you wear a piece of jewelery, whether by feeling its weight, touching it or looking at it, it makes you feel good or reminds you of a special moment in your life. It is not the jewels themselves that have the meaning, only he who wears them or gives them can define what they mean.

The verb "to remember" in Spanish is "recordar' which comes from the Latin "recordarir" and it is formed by the prefix "re" (again) and the name "cordis" (heart). Choosing to give jewelry that makes us feel joy, happiness, love, hope will make others remember us. Remembering means much more than having someone in memory, it means going through the heart again.

I wanted to make a compendium of my favorite pieces, some new, others from many years ago, and which were born with a vocation to endure. The collection is designed to lift your spirits, to steal a smile, to share with others, to celebrate or remember a we ...

The meaning behind each piece

Heart jewel.

The heart It is a symbol that brings love into our life and serves to express feelings of friendship and affection.

Infinite Jewel.

The infinite a symbol that represents the unlimited, the eternal, and is especially related to love and friendship. But if you are one of those people who loves changes, infinity also represents perpetuity.

Coin jewel.

The coin it is the subject of many superstitions, but is generally considered a lucky charm.

Clover jewel.

The clover symbolizes nature. It is seen as a source of life and as a symbol of abundance. Both with three or four leaves, it represents good luck, fortune, success and love.

Colmillo Jewel.

The Colmillo it is an amulet to protect against envy or evil eye and at the same time works to attract joys and benefits to those who wear it. The tusk has a connection to animals.


Snake Jewel.

For the Egyptians it was a symbol of protection. Greeks and Romans considered the snake as a phallic symbol, it indicated eroticism.

Ladybug jewel.

These charming little critters are a symbol of good luck and it is said that when a ladybug sits on a person he will have health, happiness and fortune.

Starfish Jewel.

The sea stars they are creatures, brainless, exclusively sensory. They say that if you find a starfish and observe it carefully, the release of sensations is enhanced in you. His ability to feel, move and regenerate are qualities that are also within us, and that we must enhance.

Shell jewel.

The seashell It has a symbolic association with water, also with the Moon and its magnetism, and with the Goddess Aphrodite or Venus, who was born in water and traveled to the mainland perched on a large shell.


HecoralIt is the jewel of the seas, and it is a transmitter of positive energies, it is a source of life and action. Red is a symbol of vitality and courage, both red and pink are ideal for balancing our nervous system. Pink also symbolizes modesty.

Lapis lazuli

Lapis lazuli It is a stone that helps to quickly release stress, providing deep peace. Encourage creativity and help face the truth.


Thelabradorite it is a stone of friendship and protection. This stone symbolizes loyalty, and protects us from those who do not suit us. It also forms a barrier against negative energies andsharpens intuition.


It brings wealth, happiness, and is protective against all disease. Strengthen the positives and mitigate the negatives. The pearl, also called "the tear of the moon", is a symbol of sensitivity, purity and innocence; guides decision-making processes and balances humor.


The amethyst It is a stone that transmits positive energy, is calming and helps us connect with our spirituality and intuition. It is also wonderful in helping us find inspiration and our true purpose.

Pink quartz.

It is the stone of unconditional love and infinite peace. Hepink quartz represents the harmony and tranquility. Its energy helps balance negative feelings with positive ones.


The energy of theturquoise conveys hope, inspiration and wisdom. It helps to improve self-esteem, the ability to express, also to reach a deeper state of relaxation and tranquility.


HeRuby represents love, emotion, courage and passion. It is the stone of happiness; encourages, encourages positive dreams and helps to have a clear visualization. It brings a positive and courageous state to the mind, it also transmutes angry feelings and eliminates negative energy.

Moon Stone.

Thepeach moonstone calms and illuminates emotions, helps to perceive the positive in all situations and to develop intuition. ANDs the gem of optimism, fosters the virtue of constantly thinking positively, and helps attract good things into your life.

Thegray moonstone it is also calming and relaxing, its healing energy allows you to dominate your emotions and have them under control instead of repressing them.The spiritual energies of this stone manage to combat materialism and strengthen faith in people.

Thewhite moonstoneit has always been a tangible connection to the magic of the moon. Its meaning, a protective amulet for travelers, a gift from passionate lovers, a channel for prophecy, and a path to wisdom.

 I hope you like this collection made with all my love as much as I do!

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