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Dear Virgo, this is your month! Virgo is the only sign represented by a woman. The symbolism behind this name speaks well of its nature, which is born with the feeling that you are experiencing everything for the first time. Virgo is a sign characterized by precision, conventionality, and discretion, and it has three stones that will enhance your most positive qualities and help guide you in your day to day life. These are the Sapphire, the Cornelian and the Amethyst.

For Virgo, the Sapphire It is the stone of trust and the stone that will help you find the path to excellence. It will also help you develop your best qualities; to be kinder, more spiritual and wiser. This stone protects the home of the Virgin, helping to strengthen relationships between family members. The Sapphire will help you overcome all complexes, fully enjoy life and become an independent individual.

Gray and Brown Sapphire Ring

Ruby and Sapphire Pendant

The Cornelian it is the stone of inspiration and encourages creativity. This stone will help Virgos to develop innate talents and achieve good results, directing them in an exclusively positive direction. It will also help you anchor yourself in reality, and stabilize your energy.The Cornelian has a calming effect, it will help you relax and acquire deep peace.

Initial P Pendant: Carnelian and Sapphire

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The Amethyst is another stone that will help you keep your mind in a healthy balance. The energy of the amethyst is used for meditation and also helps to eliminate negative thoughts and impurities that may haunt your mind. This stone calms the search for perfection that characterizes Virgos. Besides, the Amethyst It brings humility, a characteristic that this sign lacks since you have a tendency to be very critical of everything that does not go your way.

Amethyst Druse Pendant

Amethyst Pendant

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