the big blue

Dear friends,

This June I am celebrating and I want to share it with all of you. It fills me with emotion to tell you that my pieces have been published in ELLE ESPAÑA.

They are part of a beautiful report that tells us about the importance of caring for the sea, our largest ecosystem, the heart and lungs of the planet, where more than half of the planet's oxygen is generated... and my jewels have become FRONT PAGE!

A publication that makes me especially excited not only because of my intimate bond with the sea, but also because I am an Elle girl, I have bought the magazine since I was a child.

Those of you who know me know about my fascination with the sea , the place where I find inspiration and peace, which transmits its powerful energy to me and stars in many of my collections.

It is a pride for me to join such a beautiful editorial and with which I share a Vital Philosophy : give priority to personality over fashion, balance over impact, durability over the ephemeral.

I thank the Magazine, its Director, Benedetta Poletti, and the entire team, especially Sylvia Montoliú, Álvaro Fdz Espina and Rafael Gallar who have generously shared their wonderful photos with me.

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