I am very excited to introduce you to my friend Carmen, whom I admire a lot and who inspires me a lot. Ever since I've known her, I've dreamed of portraying her as she is and doing what she likes the most, the most beautiful flower arrangements in all of Barcelona at Bossvi.

She is unique, authentic, vital, generous, elegant and with an energy and joy that spreads to everyone around her. About to turn 80, she divides her time between her job, her large family, she is the mother of a large family, 7 children and 14 grandchildren, and her other great passion, which is sailing.... she never stops!

There is no more beautiful work than the one that is done with the hands and from the heart. Carmen's are strong and very warm, she doesn't like to show them but they seem wonderful to me. By holding them, they transmit a lot to me and make me feel good, they give me peace and confidence.

This is my little tribute to Carmen and all those women who are the example that age does not matter, that the only important thing is
 Attitude to life.

I wish you with all my heart a good start to the year!

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