Francisquí pendant

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Brass flat shell pendant 1.8cm long x 2cm wide

Amulets. Jewelry is a feeling, it is an emotion and the idea of wearing something that you can feel seems precious to me. When you wear a jewel, whether by feeling its weight, by touching it or looking at it, it makes you feel good or reminds you of a special moment in your life, and from that feeling my inspiration for the Amulets Collection is born with the desire to convey emotion and optimism .

It is not the jewels themselves that have the meaning, only he who wears them or gives them can define what they mean.

Choosing to give jewelry that makes us feel joy, happiness, love, hope will remind us, or in other words, make us feel again.



The delivery time of the parts in stock it is 24-48 hours for Spain and Portugal. Rest of Europe, Mexico and the United States 7 business days.

If any of the parts in your order are in pre-order It is because we will work it especially for you for 3 weeks. We will send you an update with tracking details as soon as the package leaves our workshop.

Measure the inside diameter of a ring you already have.


16.5mm = SIZE 12 | 6 UK/US




6 14.65 3 3/4
7 15.04 4
8 15.20 4 1/2
9 15.40 5
10 15.80 5 1/8
eleven 16.10 5 3/4
12 16.51 6
13 16.92 6 1/2
14 17.15 6 3/4
fifteen 17.35 7
16 17.75 7 1/2
17 18.19 8
18 18.61 8 1/2