Reunited in Oaxaca


Introducing ... Olga Prieto!

It was a pleasure to see my friend Olga on my last trip to Oaxaca, Mexico! Olga is the Founder ofOlga Prieto Jewelry, based in Mexico. Her jewelry is handmade by artisans with locally sourced metal and stones. Olga's jewelry truly brings the essence of Mexico to you.

Olga and I both met in Mexico City, where we connected over our mutual passion for ethical fashion. We quickly noticed that both of us have dedicated our lives to reviving tradition and authenticity in today's fashion market. From that point, I knew that Olga and I would have a strong friendship.

Our designs are both bohemian and authentically Mexican, which makes Olgas's jewelry the perfect compliment to Jaline. My colorful prints next to her simplistic, yet bold designs make for an unforgettable statement.

She met our talented artisans Lidia and Sara, and spent time brainstorming on future collaborations. It is always helpful to gain insight from Olga because she is a business owner who has been through similar obstacles as me.

I am beyond grateful to have such a like minded and inspiring woman as my friend!