Jewels with initial letters

¿Is there anything more emotional than wearing or gifting jewelry with meaning?

Beyond your initial, search within your heart and find the letter that best defines what you feel, that symbolizes who you are, what is your purpose in life or send a message through the letters F for Feeling, G for Grateful, L for Love, V for value, T for Together. We encourage you to gift Joy, Courage, Caring and Hope.

The sentimental value of ourinitials collection transcends that of any other. The initial is from an identity stamp, to the representation of something or someone important in your life.

Not only will the initial have value, but the stones you choose: emerald, turquoise, kainite, garnet, peruvian opal, amethyst, aquamarine, and sapphire. Each one has a meaning.

The emerald is excellent for manifesting abundance, wealth and fortune, as well as for growing spiritually. This stone is also wonderful to help us connect with nature and balance with its energy..

Theamethystis the most spiritual stone of all. It helps us connect with our spirituality, intuition and with our higher selves. It is also wonderful for helping us find inspiration, draw us closer to enlightenment, and find our true purpose. It is used a lot in meditations or for deep relaxation. The aquamarinehas a color that symbolizes cleansing and purification. It amplifies the energy of other crystals and is excellent for promoting peace and serenity, cleaning spaces, and a great stone for energy cleansing.


Theturquoise and kaynite,like the ocean and the sky, are blue stones with the power to calm and reassure. They bring serenity and peace to our day to day. They also stimulate communication and self-expression, bring clarity and strength, and help show our truest truth.

The peruvian opal will make you feel like a warm hug does. This pink crystal is calming and very healing for the heart; It is the perfect choice to add more love and kindness to your life. Any matter that has to do with self-love or love for others, will synchronize very well with the energy of this stone. The Garnet, on the other hand, is a motivating stone and very beneficial when energy action is required. It is the stone of courage.

Thesapphire and carnelian, provide us with energy and inspiration. They stimulate creativity, increase enthusiasm, accentuate personal power, and build confidence. They are also extraordinarily helpful when it comes to encouraging and supporting major changes in our lives. If you are looking for a life change and you need a boost of energy to make quick decisions, these stones are a good option.

¡Choose the combination that you like the most!

In addition, to accompany your gift, you can send us a message that we will write for you on a card explaining what the initial means and symbolizes.

I hope you like this collection made with all my love as much as I do!



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