Dear Aquarius, welcome to your month. Like any zodiac sign, Aquarius has specific stones that enhance your energy.Aquarius enters at the beginning of the year, bringing with it the winds of change. The symbol of Aquarius is the bearer of water, symbolizing the washing of the past to bring a new future. This energy inspires us to start over and helps us transform our lives for the better. Aquarius benefits fromblue or light colored stones, but its primordial stones Aquamarine and Turquoise.

The Aquamarine has the relaxing and restorative energy of water. Its dazzling blue-green color represents its energy: powerful yet delicate. By connecting the heart and throat chakras, Aquamarine helps remind the sensitive and curious Aquarius of all the beauty it brings to the world. 

Claws Ring with Aquamarine

Bracelet with Aquamarine   



Initial B Aquamarine and Amethyst Pendant 


Turquoise is the planetary stone of Aquarius. His energy transmits hope, inspiration and wisdom. Turquoise helps Aquarius to improve their self-esteem and their ability to express themselves, also to reach a deeper state of relaxation and tranquility.


Initial D Turquoise and Kaynit Pendantto

Arches with Turquoise Earrings


Turquoise Pendant

These pieces will give you good luck and enhance your most positive characteristics. Explore ourBlue Collection andAmulets Collection and choose your favorite!

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