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 My jewelry tells my story, where I come from, what I love, what it inspires and what I am. They fuse Mexico's past and my way of looking at the present.

When I was barely 25 years old, I moved to Venezuela and later to Mexico where I discovered a fascinating world, full of color, energy, light but above all craftsmanship, on every corner, on every street, you can see an artisan making a unique piece , and I begin to realize how beautiful is the only thing, what has no mold, what is really different.

I am a pharmacist and somehow I was always attracted to alchemy, special formulas and I am beginning to feel captivated by all this that surrounds me.
I dream my pieces as if I were painting a picture ... the brass is the canvas, the anvil, the hammer and the fire are the brushes and the color of the stones ... the watercolors.
Stones are the essence of my work. Sapphires, Emeralds, Aquamarines, Rubies ... I choose them one by one, depending on their capricious shapes and their peculiarity, turning each piece into a unique and unrepeatable jewel.
Jewels have a soul, beyond the material value with which they are made, there is the immaterial, abstract, pure and ancestral value with which they are created. That is what makes them eternal.

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